How to Find Real Advertisers For Your Blog – 6 Tips for you

Entered into blogging field with lot of hopes? Want to earn passive income every month? Want to become a self employed with help your dream blog? Its all possible with selling ad space on your blog to interested buyers, also called as advertisers. Well, every blog is need to be monetized to generate revenue, bloggers also need to pay some expenses like hosting, domains, and softwares etc.  So revenue is very important for bloggers.

Most of bloggers use “Google Adsense”, a pay per click advertising network by google to make money, And some other people depends text link ad networks. I don’t know how you are making money till now, but from now I strongly recommend you to start hunting for direct advertisers instead of depending on third party ad servers. Do you need help finding direct advertisers? let us help you today, just scroll down and start reading our new tips on finding advertisers for your website.

how to find advertisers for my blog

Make sure your blog fulfill these basic requirements by most  advertisers : 

  • Good Page rank : At least  PR1+ 
  • Good Alexa Rank : Minimum below 1,00,000
  • Attracting design & navigation
  • Daily at least 1,000 unique visitors (Depends on your niche & Competition) 
  • Good reader engagement & healthy back links 

Do you think really your blog can cross all above minimum quality guide lines? If yes, let’s get into the main work, finding advertisers.

 How to find Advertisers?

1. Search through Social Media 

Social media is ultimate and god’s gift to blog owners to get more expose. I think till now you have used it for promotion only, now its time to find advertisers also for your blog through social networking websites such as facebook, twitter, etc. Facebook give us chances to communicate with professional in our niches, so this way we can improve our contacts.

I hope your blog already having a facebook business page with decent count of fans, If you don;t have it, go and create one.  Try to get good reputation for your profile on facebook by communicating with your fellow bloggers and helping them in troubles. Be friends with professionals of your niche, and try to be friendly with them.

Now let’s start attracting advertisers for your blog,  Write on your wall about advertising opportunities of your blog, don’t forget to make use of your fan page  There are countless Facebook groups connecting Advertisers and publishers in their group, Search for them and join in those groups. Those groups can help to connect with buyers. Let your facebook friends know about your blog’s advertising program. I hope you will don’t kill your professionalism by forcing any one to advertise on your blog.

LinkedIn also another great social networking site to find for advertisers, Follow the same type of procedure to find advertisers.

2. Create “Advertise” Page in your blog

Make it easy for your visitors to change as a advertiser, Offer them a complete guide abo ut the process of advertising in your blog. When creating “Advertise” page in your blog, make sure your page don’t miss the things we mentioned below.

What to write and show in your blog advertise page? 

  • Your blog’s full description
  • Your blog’s original traffic stats with related screenshots
  • Type of  ad programs you are offering in your blog, Example: PPC, Paid links, Banner ads, Text ads, Sponsored posts etc.
  • Prices and sizes of ad slots you are offering
  • Payment methods you are accepting
  • Your contact details and etc.

I suggest you to offer most of payment methods you can, Especially Paypal is very necessary for every blog, Otherwise international buyers can’t pay you.

3. Show advertise here banners on all empty ad slots 

Create attractive “Advertise Here” Banners or get them from internet and insert those images in all empty slots which not sold yet! Link those banners directly to your official advertise page.

This will help your blog visitors to notice that your blog is open for advertising, because of these promotional banners definitely every visitor will see your advertising program.

4. Write a blog post and make it sticky 

Now write a effective blog posts that will convert your blog readers into advertisers, By writing a post your ad program will reach your audiens.

I’m not saying all of your blog readers are advertisers, may be they will refer about your blog to their friend’s if any one looking for blogs to advertise. We should try on every possible way to find clients, so you can try this out. By making your blog post sticky (highlight) in your blog, it will be showed in your homepage for every so no one will miss it.

5. Bulk Emailing 

First of all open your primary business mail account, then Start gathering email id’s of every person who dealt with you in past. Next collect id’s of all your newsletter or feed burner subscribers, and then make a mailing list by combining all email address’s which have collected till then

Now write a promotional message about your advertising program, I hope you know how to write it effectively. Once you done with writing it, next send it to your mailing list in bulk. You can use any softwares to send bulk mails quickly, search on google about that.

6. Contact the advertisers of your competitors 

There is no business in this world without competition, now let’s see how can we make use of it. Visit your competitor blogs and get in touch with their active advertisers.

Final words: Just make sure you are driving good traffic to your blog and having unique content in it, that’s it advertisers will contact you directly. While you hunting for advertisers, don’t neglect your readers and don’t irritate them with too much ads.

Thanks for reading, and Happy blogging :) 

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  1. Although I hate Alexa ranking method but even then it really helps to get good advertisers.

  2. superb post!!! ..and the design now looks awesome!! :D

  3. Hi, Sai
    Good Post, now I think many blogger would be able to find advertisers without using buysellads or other program.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. Hey Sai, a very educational post, advertising can be very profitable, more than AdSense that’s for sure. I’ve never been approved for BuySellAds so I’ve always sold ads space privately on my blog. I like the idea of creating a post about advertizing opportunities and making it sticky. You can also create a video about advertising opportunities on your blog and post it to YouTube, I’ve had some success with that with my other online businesses.

    • Sai Krishna says:

      Hey man thanks for adding an extra tip :) Really I don;t know that youtube works, will try it out next time.

      Seriously i’m also working on BSA only, will make a post about it soon.

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