5 Things Which Must Not Be Missing In your “Advertise” Page

Advertise page is very important page which helps you to get Advertisers for your blog, it helps advertiser to know more about advertising opportunities in your blog. A perfect advertise page must not be missing these 5 important things mentioned below.

In my opinion “Advertise” page is just incomplete without these elements, to create attractive and fully informative Advertise page you need to mention about these 5 things compulsory. When a Advertising browsing your advertise page, definitely he’ll look for the information that we mentioned here, so pay attention to these things.

What to write In Advertise Page: After writing about your blog description and basic information then move on to these 5 topics.

1. Your Blog Traffic Details & Statistics

The first thing you need to mention is your blog’s traffic details and statistics like: Visitors country, language, monthly visits, monthly page views, bounce rate and etc.  Take screenshots of your Google analytics reports, and insert them in your page to show them that your blog is genuine.


It helps advertisers to decide your blog is suitable for his ads or not, if an advertiser likes your statistics then he’ll turn as long term advertiser of your blog definitely. If you cheat your advertisers by showing wrong statistics, they won’t deal with you next time.

2. PR, Alexa and DA of your blog

These ranking systems help to show your blog’s quality and reputation to your Advertisers; Mainly Advertisers consider PR, Alexa and DA to calculate your blog’s Value. So don’t forget to write about these in your advertise page.

3. Advertising methods you allow

Which type of advertisers you want? In which type of advertising methods you are interested? Like Image banner ads, text link ads, paid posts or reviews? You need to mention it clearly. Show the advertising slots available to sell and pricing information as well.  When it comes to paid reviews, mention how many links they can use and content guide lines etc.

4. Payment system & Tracking System

How you want to get money from your advertiser? Paypal or bank transfer? Write about it in your advertise page. Add pricing details also to avoid problems in future. For PPC advertisers, mention about tracking system that you are using in your website.

Paypal users can add “Buy now” button for ad slots by following paypal instructions, it’s very easy to add and makes your advertise page very professional.

5. Your Contact Details

Don’t struggle your advertisers by not adding your contact information, may be they don’t have time to find it manually. Add your contact phone number or email address to your page, If possible create and add a simple contact form for quick contact.

Bonus tip: Show testimonials of your past advertisers to create an effective advertise page.

I hope you are clear now about what to write in your Advertise page and how it should be! Go and create an eye catching attractive advertise page for your loving blog.

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